subconscious reprogramming

In this category, we focus on helping clients identify their core wounds, painful stories, and unmet needs that create emotional pain and suffering. Through a facilitated personal healing journey, we guide clients in understanding the situations that caused their suffering and challenge the stories they tell themselves.

We teach valuable techniques to emotionally regulate, create healthy boundaries, and identify and communicate their needs effectively. Our mentorship program acts as a user manual for the brain, empowering clients to take control of their lives and build resilience to overcome fears associated with the past, present, and future.

Relationship coaching

Our relationship coaching services are designed to support individuals seeking to improve their existing relationships, heal after heartbreak or breakup, or establish new healthy connections. We provide valuable insights into the dynamics between feminine and masculine energies and offer guidance on rekindling relationships with effective communication and understanding.

We help clients navigate trust issues and address past relationship trauma to foster healthy connections. Additionally, we offer guidance to those curious about the critical success factors of relationships, helping them become secure individuals who are ready to meet the right person when the time comes.

Career coaching

Our career coaching services target individuals who face challenges in the workplace due to attachment styles, insecurities, and people-pleasing patterns. Drawing from our corporate experience, we understand the high-stress environments and office politics that can impact professional growth.

Corporate - elite performance and attachment styles in the workplace

Elite Performance. This 1-hour presentation will unlock the secrets to peak performance and unleash your team’s full potential with our exclusive presentation aligned with IOSH’s Elite Performance Psychology Certified Program. In this transformative session, we will delve into cutting-edge techniques and strategies that empower businesses and individuals to thrive in the face of challenges and excel in their respective fields.

Attachment Styles In The Workplace. This 1.5-hour presentation will explore the concept of attachment styles, which originate from the field of psychology and are crucial determinants of how individuals form and maintain relationships. We will be delving into this theory to support your business and professionals to understand how these styles can impact workplace interactions, communication, and overall employee well-being. Interactive fun team building exercises will also be carried out to promote empathy and understanding in the workplace.