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Welcome to Shefaa Work, where we specialize in empowering middle-aged women to overcome life's challenges. From past traumas to present struggles, our tailored coaching programs guide you towards a path of healing and renewal.
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Break Free
Break free from the shackles of your past. Our comprehensive services, from subconscious reprogramming to relationship coaching, are your keys to liberation.
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Love Yourself
Discover the power of self-love with Shefaa Work. Our mission is to help you build a loving relationship with yourself, serving as the foundation for happiness and emotional well-being.
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Shefaa Work offers a comprehensive coaching and mentorship program designed specifically for middle-aged women who have experienced traumatic events or challenging life circumstances.

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Relationship Coaching
Career Coaching
Corporate Coaching

About Us

Shefaa Work is a start-up company with operations in both the UAE and Florida, USA, that offers a comprehensive coaching and mentorship program tailored specifically for middle-aged women. Our goal is to bring about healing and personal growth, enabling individuals to build strong, loving relationships with themselves and others. We strive to create a positive impact on the lives of our clients, promoting emotional and mental well-being, and ultimately fostering a world free from generational trauma.

At Shefaa Work, we understand that middle-aged women often carry the weight of traumatic experiences, such as breakups, divorces, or other impactful life events. Our coaching program is designed to address these wounds and provide guidance toward healing. We assist our clients in identifying their core wounds, painful stories, and unmet needs that contribute to their emotional pain and suffering. Through various techniques, we empower individuals to emotionally regulate themselves, set healthy boundaries, and fulfill their own needs. By challenging negative self-perceptions and teaching valuable strategies, we help clients take control of their lives and build resilience, eliminating fear associated with the past, present, and future.

Our Objectives

Establish a strong presence in personal development and coaching
Provide personalized coaching for middle-aged women
Heal core wounds through subconscious reprogramming
Foster healthy boundaries and emotional regulation
Empower clients to build resilience and conquer fear
Offer valuable insights on relationships and healing
Challenge negative narratives hindering growth
Provide career coaching for workplace challenges
Enhance performance and psychological safety
Uphold the highest ethical standards

Our Core Values

Creating a compassionate, non-judgmental space for personal growth
Tailoring coaching to meet individual needs
Upholding confidentiality and ethical conduct
Growth Mindset
Encouraging continuous learning and self-reflection
Providing tools for clients to drive their transformation
Co-creating strategies with clients
Continuous Improvement
Evolving through professional development
Making a positive, lasting difference in clients' lives

Keys to Success

Personalized Coaching
Our tailored approach addresses your unique needs and circumstances, guiding you on your journey of healing, growth, and relationship development.
Expertise and Experience
Led by Shefaa Mansour, a certified coach with corporate experience, we offer valuable insights and effective strategies for personal and professional transformation.
Comprehensive Programs
We offer a well-rounded set of programs that cover subconscious reprogramming, relationship coaching, and career growth, all aimed at making positive changes in your life.
Emphasis on Emotional Well-Being
Prioritizing your mental safety, we help you overcome past traumas, build resilience, and foster healthier relationships.
Client-Centered Approach
You're at the heart of our coaching process. We listen, collaborate, and empower you to achieve your goals.
Continuous Learning
We stay ahead with cutting-edge strategies. We're committed to professional growth and development.
Strong Ethical Standards
We uphold confidentiality, respect boundaries, and maintain professional integrity to create a safe coaching environment.
Our Mission

At Shefaa Work, our mission is to empower middle-aged women through coaching and mentorship, fostering healing, personal growth, and emotional well-being. We facilitate strong self-relationships, support in romantic and family connections, and enhance work life. Together, we overcome past traumas, reprogram subconscious beliefs, and create loving homes, aiming to heal generational trauma and promote inner peace for all.

Our Vision

Shefaa Work envisions a world healed from generational trauma, fostering healthy, loving homes. We empower middle-aged women, promoting deep self-compassion and personal growth. Our commitment to emotional well-being aims to break the cycle of trauma, creating positive ripple effects throughout families, communities, and society. Together, we forge a world where individuals thrive, connect meaningfully, and experience inner peace.

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